About Us

Who we are
& What we do Best

We are a team of experts who will teach you how to earn money while helping others recover theirs.
A whole team working as one, without a boss and with everyone being bosses.

Our mission is to safeguard individuals' rights to the money they are due from a foreclosure sale of their property. We are committed to aiding people secure the funds they are owed and we'll strive to ensure their rights are defended.

OUR View of Work

Work Process


Join the Academy & Get access to the membership area

You can get access to the whole process A-Z about surplus funds recovery. You will get training videos & all the content in documents as well. You’ll get the paperwork (templates of forms, agreements, contracts…), script for cold calling, guide about the statutes & regulations in all the states for both tax & mortgage overages, you’ll get access to the FB members-only community, as well as a website done by our in-house designers. And much more.


Complete the course

Gain all the knowledge, set up the website, hop on live Q&As with coaches in FB group, and prepare yourself for the new lifestyle you’ll get.


Run Your Own Business

Start doing the research, generating the leads, making lists and calling people. You’ll be helping people in dire need while making a living for yourself (as a side effect…). You can be in charge of your own business. Your time. And your life.

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